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For home cooks, foodies, professional chefs, and all others who love

food as much as we do. Our spice rubs make a mark on your culinary adventures like a stamp on a passport. We believe in the celebration of herbs and spices found all over the world... Therefore, the Seven Continents Spice Rub Blends.

Our Mission 

Exotic Spice Company is the only brand of blended spices and herbs that offers the convenience of unique pre-blended spice rubs from around the world for home cooks, foodies and professional chefs who want to be more knowledgeable about the culinary uses of exotic seasonings in their cooking, in an era of overly processed food, condiments and artificial colors and flavorings.

Our Story  

While we honor the traditional use of these herbs and spices, we’ve handcrafted our own unique rubs to be as exceptional as the places that inspire them. The all-natural ingredients are carefully selected in honor of unique global flavors. Let our pre-blended rubs do the work for you so all you have to do is open the bag and sprinkle away. Never has such versatile taste been so ready to use. We care about flavor, we care about the environment, and we also care about you. Thus, the herbs and spices featured in our rubs are not only beneficial to your taste buds, but are equally good for your mind and soul.