Africa-Dukkah Rub 1.4 oz (39.69g)

Africa: Dukkah Rub
The marriage of unique and classic ingredients offers warmth like that of the Egyptian desert and a lingering sensationjust as memorable as the ancient pyramids.Sumac, a staple in Egyptian cuisine, in addition to cumin and coriander, liven up the blend with a tangy spiciness. The infusion of mint enhances the slight bitterness and adds just enough refreshment. Toasted almonds, pine nuts,hazelnuts, and black & white sesame seeds capture a variety of flavors, adding versatility to the blend.Use it in all four courses,whether it’s rolled on a log of goat cheese, sprinkled on a salad, dusted onto lamb or fish, baked on squash, or tossed with popcorn for dessert. It will always compliment but never compete with the natural flavor of the food. 
Did you know?
Almonds, indigenous to North Africa, are a good source of folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids, niacin, phosphorus and calcium, all of which benefit the human body, from your head to your toes. Coriander contains calcium and phosphorus, which can help build strong bones. Maybe that’s why traces of coriander were discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs that date back to 1090 BC.Fennel was once considered a sacred herb in ancient times used to remedy poisonous wounds, soothe upset stomachs,and aid digestion. Mint was regarded by many cultures as a symbol of hospitality, cure for upset stomachs, and general body cleanser.

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